• Testimonials

    "Jackie worked with us when setting up our first restaurant concept Southern 11 -it was great to be able to call on a UK based, real expert, who was on hand to help advise on Smokers- Cooking Techniques, recipes and the Operation as a whole. I would recommend Jackie's services to all those BBQ enthusiasts who want to take the next step." James Hitchen Managing Director Southern 11 - Happy Client

  • "It was Jackie's cooking that persuaded us to open a BBQ restaurant. She demonstrated the great flavours and textures obtainable from traditional American smokers. She was a great help in everything to do with the BBQ side of the kitchen. Harvey Berk, Red Dog Saloon." - Satisfied Customer

  • "When I first started my catering business Willard's American Food Company in 2007, having never run a business before, I wanted to offer the type of BBQ you get in the Southern States of America. I had read about it in an American recipe book, it sounded good and I thought it would have a good selling point as there weren't many people offering this type of food. However I had no experience cooking this way and I hadn't even eaten any yet! I then visited The American BBQ Company run by Jackie Weight and her late husband Rick Weight who were the only company I could find importing and selling genuine American smokers. I went with my wife to their premises and we spent a couple of hours with Jackie and Rick and I soon realized that they had a wealth of knowledge and experience with American BBQ and catering in general. They were and are still the only international team to become Grand Champions at the 'Jack Daniels Invitational BBQ Competition' and obviously they knew what they were talking about when it came to BBQ and they had vast experience catering at events, corporate functions, weddings etc. I was a complete novice and they advised me about all things BBQ including how to BBQ, the best equipment to use, the best way to present your food at events, staffing, marketing etc. They also talked about all the pitfalls that you can come up against from choosing the right events to get started through to how to deal with event organizer which can be tricky at times. When we left I felt a lot more confident about what I was taking on. I bought a FEC 100 from Jackie and when I purchased the smoker Jackie said could I always call for advice and help with my business. I didn't want to abuse this generous offer but the times I have contacted Jackie have been invaluable in helping me build my business." Martin Willard Owner of Willard's American Food Company - Entrepreneur